Natur- und Reisefotografie - Michael Lohmann

Catching a sealInuit watching the open seaInuit hunter on the dog sledgeA seal - just huntedSkins of the polar bear

Human - animal

28.11.2009 until 10.01.2010   Huck-Beifang-Haus Steinfurt

Ittoqqortoormiit, meaning ’big house dwellers’ is a small village on the east coast of Greenland - far away from any other settlement. Today, it has 550 inhabitants. Hunting still provides the main livelihood for the people, about half the families depend on hunting. Musk oxen are hunted all year round on land, seals in winter with nets at ice holes or open patches of water, in summer on ice floes. Traditionally the Inuits’ main food source is meat.
Poster and one picture from the exhibition

Exhibition Art Club Steinfurt

11.9. until 25.10.2009   Haus Westerhoff Bad Bentheim

Seven artists of the club present their work
- photographs, sculptures, acrylic paintings, etchings, lithographs.My contribution is a series of images ’The Colours of Ice’.

'At the end 2''Phoenix' (detail)'Phoenix' (detail)'Winter morning''At the end '

"Flowering" Landscapes

5.04. until 10.05.2009   Huck-Beifang-Haus Steinfurt

A rubbish dump and a cemetery with graves decorated with plastic flowers in Greenland, a grapevine in the black volcanic sand at Pico de Fogo (Cape Verde Islands), wind turbines in the flat Münsterland in Germany on a winter morning - my associations with ’flowering" landscapes.
Poster of the exhibition'Blaues Eis''Vogel am Eisberg''Eis im Abendlicht' (Ausschnitt)'Eisberg im Sonnenaufgang''Eisbögen''Eisberge vor Thule''Im Inneren des Eisberges'

Ice Age - a time out

29.11.2008 until 26.01.2009   Huck-Beifang-Haus Steinfurt

Images from the ice, from Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica...

Visiting the ice - for me this means a time out, a break.
These visits question the standard values of our western way of life, they give room to experience a different (less-important) meaning of the human existence, they provide a challenge to re-integrate consciously into vast natural landscapes and natural cycles while at the same time rewarding us with the experience of outstanding beauty and a deep-felt closeness to nature