Natur- und Reisefotografie - Michael Lohmann

Poster of the exhibition


21.11. until 19.12.2010   Huck-Beifang-Haus Steinfurt

This series of pictures shows impressions of polar ice, e.g. a granite boulder being released after hundreds of years in the Greenland ice sheet by the melting process.

Ice - a constantly changing element. Air trapped in ice is compacted, compressed, moved along with the glacial flow, at some stage released again in a flop, accelerated in times of climate change. Transformation and alteration means tension. Tension between old and new, between change and stagnation, between depth and surface, adaptation and destruction.
Poster of the exhibition'Barrel''Icefishermen''Landscape'Exhibition room

Regional art 10

31.10. until 5.12.2010   Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst
23rd exhibition of contemporary art

A second series of white polar landscapes is awarded in the annual exhibition ’Regional Art’: an old barrel left behind in the vast expanse of north-west Greenland, ice fishermen at their ice holes on the frozen fjord in the morning hoping to catch some fish during the day, a vast minimalist winter landscape.
Invitation card (detail)'Inuitjäger auf der Jagd''Zurückgeblieben''Rast''Unterwegs'


13.6. until 11.7.2010   Kunsthaus Alte Honigfabrik Ibbenbüren

At the members’ exhibition of the ’Welbergen Circle’ (a union of local artists) I show a series of polar landscapes: captured in colour on days that did not hold many colours at all with a focus on the Greenland sledge dog which plays a vital role in the traditional life of the Inuit.
'Polarfuchs im Zoowinter''Stacheln''Weisser Lauscher'Invitation card


16.05. until 20.06.2010    Huck-Beifang-Haus Steinfurt

Arctic fox and porcupine
- captured from rather uncommon points of view
Poster of the exhibitionEntrance to the exhibitionMidnight at AntarcticaLate evening, Disco BayIceberg at Sermilik FjordMitternachtssonne, Kane BeckenEisjuwel, OstgrönlandExhibition roomsPlakatwand im LandkreisBilderflut am StrandYellow icebergs at West Greenland

Vanishing Ice

21.05. until 22.08.2010   Gallery at the Steigenberger Strandhotel Zingst
within the context of environmental photography festival ’Horizonte Zingst’

Ice is an element of constant change. Born of snowflakes it stores in ice caps and glaciers for as long as thousands of years, moving slowly towards the coast where at the end of the glacier it breaks off in forms of icebergs to go through its last phase of melting, turning, dissolving.
The ice of the polar regions is disappearing - faster than it ever has before for 5000 years. Polar ice is effected by climate change more than any other element of the world; is has become the measuring instrument for global warming. Glaciers "run away" in the form of icebergs along the coasts. Many a shipping or raw materials company doing short-term business may be quite happy about this, but for the future of human life in general it is actually a threatening sign. The extent of the change is massive: if only the Greenland ice sheet of up to three kilometres thickness melted completely, sea levels would be seven metres higher than they are today.