Natur- und Reisefotografie - Michael Lohmann

Return from the oceanPoster of the exhibition

The Four Elements

1.11. - 29.12.2013    Huck-Beifang-House  Steinfurt

The light-coloured sand of the nearby dunes was driven across the black beach by the wind when the gentoo penguins returned to their nests on the shores of the Falkland Islands to feed their young and take over from their partners after their daily routine of foraging in the ocean.

So in this photograph water, earth and air unite while fire was found in the energy of these small creatures, in their power and endurance with which they live in the Antarctic Ocean.
Poster of the exhibition'HBH''Königs Träumereien' (dreiteilig)'Königs Träumereien' (dreiteilig)'Königs Träumereien' (dreiteilig)Exhibition room

I am dreaming

4.11.2012 until 6.1.2013   Huck-Beifang-Haus Steinfurt

I dreamt on the outer facade of the exhibition building (HBH) as well as with the kings in the southern Atlantic.
Life in a king penguin colony is a constant and bewitching chaos. While one parent stays at the nest, the other tries to find sufficient food in the Antarctic Ocean. Through the waves back on the beach, the animal searches for its partner with its own distinctive sound and usually has to push and shove through a crowd of other penguins . There is not more room than a billís length - and the air is thick with a hundred thousand noises from the whole colony.
Using the photographic technique of blurring, I want to illustrate how I experience this annual display of life - fascinating, dizzying and overstraining all senses as it is.
Poster of the exhibitionJooruJooru hacking ice to produce waterOvernight in the frozen fjordLooking out for the next huntCemetery of IttoqqortoormiitExhibition roomText for the exhibition


13.5. until 17.6.2012   Galerie Münsterland Emsdetten

In April 2009 I am lucky to join Jooru, an Inuit from East Greenland, for six days on a trip by dog sledge through Liverpool Land. We cross rough terrain, hit several severe snow storms, spend the nights in a tent at minus 30 degrees Celsius. I am deeply impressed by Jooru’s strength and stamina, his love for his dogs, his knowledge about nature.
T r i g g e r e d   by climatic changes... Jooru’s hunting in 2010 is not successful... One night there is a gunshot in the village - Jooru took his own life. He is survived by his wife and one daughter.
Poster of the exhibition'Metamorphose' (dreiteilig)'Metamorphose' (dreiteilig)'Metamorphose' (dreiteilig)Exhibition room

Regional Art 11

16.10. until 21.11.2011    Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst
24th exhibition of contemporary art

’Metamorphosis’ - a three-dimensional view of the ice: in the centre a granite boulder being released by the melting process of the Greenland ice sheet; to the left and right views of different depths of a piece of glacial ice that has been broken off and polished by the ocean.
Poster of the exhibition


17.4. until 22.05.2011    Huck-Beifang-Haus Steinfurt

My contribution to the annual members’ exhibition of the art club of Steinfurt is a series of photographs of golden eagles, shot in wintry Norway.