Natur- und Reisefotografie - Michael Lohmann


I was born on 14th  October 1954 at Wuppertal, Germany.
Inspired by my father’s love for photography I got my first own camera when I was ten - and I started taking photos of my surroundings: my family, our house, flowers and woods.

Travelling with my family to neighbouring countries during holiday seasons I gained first experiences to explore foreign surroundings by photography.I loved being on the way, and when I became older I dared to venture into stranger regions. My camera always accompanied me.

I got to know the world more and more and with that my fascination for the world’s variety grew, as well as the challenge to reflect and develop my own views and habits towards life. Travelling I always experienced this fascination towards people and living spaces of different ethnic backgrounds.

My request is to explore the complexity and beauty of nature and environment, and to capture and portray “the moment “ in a picture.

I strongly wish, that the world in which we live may be seen more consciously through my photography, appreciated and treated in a better way than it unfortunately often happens.

During the last years I put my main focus on the polar regions, which especially impress me by their width and the nature’s directness.

Since a long time I take pictures with cameras of the company Canon. I mainly took slides (small format) from the seventies until the end of last century (at the beginning Kodakchrome, later Ektachrome und Fuji Velvia). Since 2001 I use digital photography.

Currently my equipment consists of:

EOS 1 D Mark IV, EOS 1 D X, EOS 1 D X M II
EF lenses from 8  until 600 mm, Macro 50, 100, 24 Tilt/Shift, Konverter 1,4x, 2x
Tripods: Gitzo, Manfrotto; Heads: Novoflex, Giottos