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Welcome to my website!

Here you will find photographic impressions from many regions of our world. After years of rather depictive photography, my approach to nature photography moves now between documentation and abstraction, between reality and reverie.
At present I photograph mainly in Iceland, Scandinavia, the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctica as well as the fauna of East Africa.

To perceive the visual richness of our world, I try to look out with open eyes, contemplatively, exploratory and sometimes also with amazement. Photography is here a tool that helps to sharpen the view and so many a blink reflects a magic moment.

In the galleries you can see highlights of my work; the picture library stores the results of many years, now consisting of another 8618 photographs. I hope you find a lot of inspiration viewing my images. During photography tours and in workshops, I share my photographic experience and knowledge; in exhibitions I share my images. If you are interested in any of the activities, you will find the latest dates and news on this website. Under the icon ’picture library’ you can order any of my images as a print or digital file.
                              Michael Lohmann

Out now:  Myanmar - Zwischen Tradition und Aufbruch

Myanmar is a land with a heart of gold: nowhere else this valuable precious metal was poured out so lavishly as in former Burma, which is regarded as the centre of Buddhism. Pagodas and statues and the pointed roofs of temples shine in a golden glow bearing testimony to the spiritual magic of this mysterious country. After decades of isolation, Myanmar is now in the process of opening up to visitors again, and offers unspoilt images that are full of the magic of the past hardly left elsewhere in south-east Asia.

A coffee-table book by Michael Lohmann, 168 pages, hardback, Tecklenborg Publishing House, 34.50 €

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