Natur- und Reisefotografie - Michael Lohmann


One moment

On board ship along the coast of Westgreenland to the north - after waking up in the morning, the same procedure as every day: the first glance goes outside: how will the new day begin?
Today a small deep-red line on the horizon is visible, which slowly expands with the rising sun.

Icebergs loom far away - as we come closer they pass our boat as dark and mysterious objects.As fast as possible on deck - it’s cold outside and the command bridge, which is open for all passengers, is a wonderful place to withdraw. I am still the only passenger, the Russian captain Ivan is standing at the radar-navigation and steers the ships course.
Silence. The sky becomes more and more tinted red, an incredible play of colours.

“Have you ever seen golden icebergs?”- Ivan wants to know. “No”- I answer, without exactly knowing what he means.
“Today you will see them.”And that’s what happens. The first sunrays let the silhouettes of some icebergs glow with an almost unreal appearing golden light.

A huge chunk of ice floats in front of us, almost 50 meters high, with jagged tips and dark, mysterious surfaces next to golden shine. We slowly pass by …… and leave it behind  - inwardly again in an awestruck, marvelling mood, deeply moved, almost inebriated by this visual impression.

Experiences like this are moments of bliss for me. From time to time they appear, usually unexpected, like a present, hardly ever you can see it coming. These moments inwardly fulfil for a long time. They are my incentive to be on the way. They intensify the relation to nature and environment, which are deeply influenced and threatened by human activities, but still show themselves in the magic they have.

It doesn’t matter, whether I am in Greenland or at my front door in Westphalian Münsterland. Autumn - during a walk early in the morning -  I discover a spider’s net, created over night, gleaming with the first sunrays, full of glittering dew, surrounded by fog, framed by the first autumn leaves – again my eyes stop, the scent of the forest soil comes up, an awesome feeling.

Our world is full of beauty and riches for me. They appear in the run of a day, in the course of the seasons in nature, just as well as in the smile of a person or when encountering an animal. What we notice depends on our readiness to watch the world closely with open eyes, exploring - and sometimes marvelling.

Photography sharpens this kind of perception - and as result in some twinkling of an eye a magic moment arises.