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Ordering images

You can purchase any of the images on my website in any size as a fine art print for your own framing or laminated on aluminium dibond or under acrylic, or as a digital image file for further processing.

On request fine art prints can be ordered by e-mail. Orders have to be paid in advance, all prices include tax. Digital image files can also be ordered by e-mail; the image fee will be calculated according to the type of usage, image size and print run. All orders are subject to the current general terms and conditions, which you can view and download in PDF    here

For your enquiry:


In the picture library you will find below every single picture the filename of the image, e.g. 2003-GRO-0620_D3. This name of the file you will need, if you like to order any fine art print or a digital data file.

For ordering of a fine art print you have following possibilities:

Fine Art Prints
Fine art prints can be purchased in standard dimensions: 20x30, 30x45,40x60,50x75 and 60x90. If the filename ends with D3 and L3, the photo can be blown up till 60x90, D4 and L4- photos till 30x45. If you need other sizes, please let me know that.

The photos are, if they come from a slide, scanned in high quality and after that printed (Epson 10600) on high-graded paper (Photo Premium Paper 280gr, also possible: hand-made paper William Turner from Hahnemühle 310gr).Under normal conditions luminance and colour last more than 60 years.
If you would like to, it’s no problem laminating the picture with transparent uv-lamination sheet (advisable for mechanical strain of the surface or extreme radiation of the sunlight).
The prints are either be delivered without a frame in a board or mounted on or behind a carrier material; manifold processes are available:

The photo will be mounted behind an acrylic glass pane with a spezial adhesive (with a small circulating boarder). Advantages: the optic impression of depth and luminance will be much increased, thus the expressiveness of the photo will be intensified and take an elegant and noble effect. The surface of the acrylic is reflecting, so that the use opposite of bright light is not advisible.

The picture will be mounted on a Dibond-panel (plastic-panel, which is coated with aluminium on both sides). It is a very supple and dimensionally stable premium carrier material.

The photo will be mounted on Forex, a (mostly) white panel of rigid foam, which is slight but solid and relatively reasonable.

---Prints are also available on canvas, textiles (e.g. for banners), cotton, hand-made paper, self-adhesive or transparent film, outdoor-film- if you are interested, please get in touch with me.



20 x 30 

30 x 45 

40 x 60 

50 x 75 

60 x 90 

 Fine Art Print (FAP), Premium Papier 280gr

30,00 € 

55,00 € 

100,00 € 

125,00 € 

140,00 € 

 FAP matt laminiert


70,00 € 

117,00 € 

144,00 € 

161,00 € 

 FAP glänzend laminiert


73,00 € 

120,00 € 

147,00 € 

165,00 € 

 FAP auf Büttenpapier W. Turner, 310 gr


70,00 € 

120,00 € 

155,00 € 

190,00 € 

 FAP hinter Acryl *


120,00 € 

180,00 € 

220,00 € 

260,00 € 

 FAP auf Dibond **


80,00 € 

130,00 € 

170,00 € 

200,00 € 

 FAP auf Dibond, matt laminiert


95,00 € 

147,00 € 

189,00 € 

221,00 € 

 FAP auf Dibond, glänzend laminiert


98,00 € 

150,00 € 

192,00 € 

225,00 € 

 FAP auf Forex ***


75,00 € 

120,00 € 

150,00 € 

170,00 € 

 FAP auf Forex, matt laminiert


90,00 € 

137,00 € 

169,00 € 

191,00 € 

 FAP auf Forex, glänzend laminiert


93,00 € 

140,00 € 

172,00 € 

195,00 € 

* FAP hinter Acryl, 4mm (bis 40x60) bzw. 6mm (ab 50x75)
** FAP auf Dibond, 2mm (bis40x60) bzw. 4mm (ab 50x75)
*** FAP auf Forex, 2mm (bis40x60) bzw. 4mm (ab 50x75)
Versandkosten: 12,-€ bei Fine Art Prints (in der Rolle) bzw. 25,-€ bei Acryl, Dibond, Forex

To attach the Acrylic-, Dibond- or Forex- pictures there is either the possibility of assembled beads of aluminium (14€ for 30x45, otherwise 18€) or of an added professional attachment (14€, pair).

The additional costs for package and shipping (inside Germany) are 12.- € for prints, for mounted pictures (fail-safe packed) 25€.
Costs for overseas parcels have to be requested.

All prices are inclusive-prices in Euro.

Digital picture data files

In the filename you can find information about the quality and the size of the picture:

• All pictures, whose filename ends on D, are scanned from a small picture slide.
• D 3-pictures are immediately available in 30x45 (300 dpi), in a larger resolution they can be scanned after demand.
• D 4-pictures are extract-scans and (for 300 dpi) only available in the format 20x30..
• Pictures, which end on L derive from digital photography.
• L3-pictures are available in 30x45, L 4-pictures in 20x30 (each in 300 dpi).

All pictures are located in the working space Adobe RGB (1998).

If you send a request for an image for further processing, please also explain in your e-mail how you want to use the image and state image size and intended print run. The image fee will then be calculated according to the information given and in keeping with market-based guidelines. After payment has been made, image files will be made available according to your choice of delivery via e-mail, ftp client or on CD/DVD. 

All orders are subject to the  "General terms and conditions of delivery and business" (AGB)"